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OCSC President Anthony Sandberg "Skiing"

I want to recommend ski training with Sam Morishima and the endless slope. Last year I decide to go back to skiing which I hadn’t done for over 35 years. Fortunately I met Sam Morishima who teaches with ADVENTUROUS SPORTS In San Francisco. Last year I took 10 lessons with Sam and then went up to the snow and discovered that I was skiing comfortably immediately on the slopes. Sam is able to work magic as he stands right beside you as the rug moves under you as fast or slow as you like. Training is available on Saturdays and Sundays at the Endless Slope in Sports Basement at 1590 Bryant Street @ 16th in San Francisco. (store phone 415.397.7678) There is lots of free parking. To book a time slot just go here. Everything is provided, just show up in street clothes and he will loan you boots and skies. If you have your own ski boots then bring those, but that is it. The Endless Slope is perfect for someone who has never skied, and perfect for a pro who wants to fine tune her form. Read more about the Endless Slope in the SF Examiner.

Anthony Sandberg

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