Anthony featured in Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Anthony Sandberg, OCSC President & Founder, was recently profiled in an article in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Newsletter. The article, “Traveling is Good for the Soul and the Bottom Line,” is a great introduction and history to the company culture here at OCSC.

Since 2002, EO San Francisco member Anthony Sandberg has traveled for pleasure eight to 12 weeks per year. When he shares this fact with other entrepreneurs, most shake their head and say, “It must be nice, but I could never do that!”

Sandberg, who founded OCSC SAILING in 1979, used to believe the same thing … until he fell off a cliff and shattered his leg. “Unable to walk, I had time to think about my own life and what was important,” says Sandberg. “I was so involved in my work that I had excluded important things like family and friends, as well as lifelong desires for other experiences such as sports, education and, above all, travel.”

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