Antarctica Adventure Planning Party

If you have ever been to the OCSC Clubroom, you’ve probably noticed the stunning photos hanging on the wall.  I remember the first time I came to OCSC, the clubroom was filled with pictures from the OCSC Antarctic Adventure trip.  It was the first time I  had ever seen a photo collection from the frozen continent.  The color and vibrance was incredible, so much so that I had to ask Anthony if they were even real photographs. He reassured me they were, and also told me that the pictures barely did the scenery justice. Ever since that conversation, it’s been a dream of mine someday visit Antarctica.  Many others share this ambition.

Tonight we’re hosting the Antarctica Adventure Planning Party at OCSC Sailing. Anthony Sandberg, OCSC Founder & President as well as 2011 Antarctica Adventure trip leader, will be explaining more details of the trip and telling stories from his previous expeditions to Antarctica. This is as close you can get to Antarctica without actually visiting the continent (figuratively speaking, of course!)

2011 Antarctica Adventure
Trip Dates:
February 8-27 , 2011

Planning Party
When: Saturday, Jan. 23rd 6:30pm
Where: OCSC Sailing, Clubroom

As always, feel free to give us a call to discuss the trip anytime! 800.223.2984