America’s Cup Presentation at the Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show

Our very own Tim Han stopped by the America’s Cup presentation at the Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show on Friday. Here’s what he had to report…

This was the first time (the first moment really) I’ve ever seen the actual America’s Cup in person.  They had just pulled it out of a BMW SUV and the guy carrying it was all business.  He nearly mowed me over as I was snapping the picture.  My spine was tingling being so close to such an iconic symbol of sailboat racing!


Quotes form the panel discussion (L to R):

Brad Webb (Bowman) – “I’m looking forward to an America’s Cup where there are more people on the sailing team than there are on the design team.”

Ian “Fresh” Burns (Design Coordinator) – “The whole boat was designed to flex in 3 dimensions to reduce the peak loads.  The outer hulls, at the aft end, would oscillate vertically 2 feet from their static position while sailing.”

John Kostecki (Tactician) – “In the first race we started significantly behind and to leeward, then found ourselves ahead at the top mark.  That has never happened to me in a major sailboat race before.”