505 World Championships in San Francisco

The 505 World Championships are in San Francisco this week. You may have noticed them flying around the Berkeley Circle. Here’s the schedule for the week:

  • [Sun] 23-Aug-09:  2 Races / Social Event Following
  • [Mon] 24-Aug-09:  5O5 Annual General Meeting /
    1 Race / Social Event Following
  • [Tue] 25-Aug-09:  2 Races / Social Event Following
  • [Wed] 26-Aug-09:  Non-Race Day with Special Activities
  • [Thu] 27-Aug-09:  2 Races / Social Event Following
  • [Fri] 28-Aug-09:  1 Race / Social Event Following
  • [Sat] 29-Aug-09:  1 Race / Closing Ceremony & Dinner

The 505’s can be fun to watch, but make sure to keep a safe distance. Here is a general outline of where they will be racing (in yellow):