2010 BVI Flotilla

The 2010 BVI Flotilla group just before departing the Moorings base in Road Harbor.

The 2010 OCSC BVI Flotilla group just before departure from the Moorings base in Road Harbor.

What an amazing adventure!  10 days of relaxation and great sailing.  The 2010 OCSC BVI Flotilla, being my first, definitely lived up to expectations.  We had consistent breezes of up to 25 knots with smooth seas that allowed us to sail from one island to the next in no time at all.  My favorite being the 8.5 knot cruising speed on a beam reach from Anegada to beautiful Bitter End.  Besides all of the great sailing there was plenty of swimming, snorkeling, and of course dancing.  Every anchorage seemed better than the previous one.  Lots of time was spent relaxing on the beach soaking up sunshine and sipping BVI’s famous “Painkiller’s”.  We all ate like kings enjoying fresh seafood in oceanfront restaurants and on the boat.  But I would have to the say the best part was getting to know my crew and the other members of the flotilla, sharing stories, and making new friends.  In our time spent in the BVI’s we were able to do alot, here’s a quick summary:  Danced at Willy T’s in the Bight on Norman Island, snorkeled or dove the Wreck of the Rhone, survived the rain and lightning at Cooper island, swam and relaxed at the Baths and Devil’s Bay on Virgin Gorda, posed for photos at the red phone booth on Marina Cay, ate the famous Anegada Lobsters, lived it up at the lavish Bitter End Yacht Club, snorkeled and swam with the fish at George Dog, visited the world famous Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke, and finally said farewell to the beautiful BVI’s on our last night in Soper’s Hole.  I can’t wait to go back and if you have never been then you need to put it on your bucket list… somewhere near the top.


Cheap Thrills V



Sunset at the Bight, Peter Island


Devil's Bay, Virgin Gorda

Devil's Bay, Virgin Gorda



Just another evening aboard "Cheap Thrills V"



The Bitter End


View of White Bay from our hike on Jost Van Dyke

View of White Bay from up high on Jost Van Dyke

2010 OCSC Flotilla dinner on our final night in Tortola.

2010 OCSC BVI Flotilla group dinner on our final night in Tortola.

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  1. Dee Halligan

    Best vacation ever!!! Sailing with my siblings and our spouses who were great to vacation with. What an adventure!!! We snorkeled, rented bikes on Anegada and swam everyday. We also ate like kings because we had the best chef on our boat: the ‘Sorry’. My favorite time was the Lazer regatta on Bitter End. Tom and I were on a Hobi and boy, could that she fly! I don’t know when I had so much fun ! Can’t wait for the next flotilla!

  2. Wendy Lawson

    Jeff pretty much said it all. It was the most incredible adventure: a special once in a life-time experience! How lucky we felt to be aboard Cheap Thrills V with her wonderful crew and amazing captain. We look forward to joining OCSC flotillas in the future but know it will be extremely difficult to replicate this unique time, this magical place and the exceptional group of people with whom we were fortunate enough to travel.

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