Volvo Ocean Race Leg 5: Quindao to Rio de Janeiro

Called “the Everest of sailing”, the Volvo Ocean Race is a 37,000 mile sailboat race with stops at 11 ports around the world taking the competitors 9 months to complete.

Here’s a little sample of what this race is all about:

The 2008-2009 race began in October 2008 out of Alicante Spain, and will finish in St. Petersburg, Russia in June of 2009. Out of the 8 teams that started the race only one has dropped out, two are down for repairs for this leg and the 5 remaining are currently sailing near Fiji in the South Pacific on their way to Rio de Janeiro.

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Upgrading the Fleet

J 105 S "JGPC"

Down in Fleet Service, the winter is our time to catch up on preventative maintenance and upgrade the fleet.  While California’s ongoing drought is definitely a concern, this year’s dry weather has been great for boat work.  Not only is it a pleasure to work outside when it’s 65 and sunny, the weather has allowed us to get a good jump on all that work that requires dry weather, bottom jobs, gelcoat repairs, compounding/waxing, and varnish work.  Much of this routine work is somewhat invisible unless you are down here everyday.  However, there a few big projects currently underway that might catch your attention.  Look for the following upgrades to the fleet the next time you come down to the club…

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